RaceFans Supporter Discounts

RaceFans Supporters can claim 25% off the price of the new 2021 editions of Autocourse, the world’s leading grand prix annual, and motorcycle racing annual Motocourse when bought directly from the publisher

Details of the discount are as follows:

Autocourse 2021-2022
Retail price: £60
RaceFans Supporter discount price: £45 (save £15)

Motocourse 2021-2022
Full retail price: £50
RaceFans Supporter discount price: £38 (save £12)

Note: The discount is applied to the full retail price of the books, excluding any offers available on Icon’s website or elsewhere.

How to claim the discount

This limited-time offer is available to:

If you are not a RaceFans Supporter and would like to take advantage of this discount, sign up here using the ‘annual’ payment option:

Details of how to redeem the discount will be emailled to all eligible Supporters. If you do not receive an email and believe you are eligible, please get in touch via the contact form and include details of your username.

New annual RaceFans Supporters will receive details of how to redeem the discount along with their registration confirmation.

Existing monthly RaceFans Supporters who do not currently qualify can convert to annual payment plans in order to do so. Please get in touch via the contact form, including details of your username, for more information.

The discount applies to purchases of Autocourse 2021-22 and Motocourse 2021-22 made via Icon Publishing’s website.

How to become a RaceFans Supporter

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