F1 Stats Update: China

Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher are tied at the top of the championship table – but they wouldn’t be if the sport were still using the pre-2003 points system. Take a statistical look at the 2006 championship so far in our post-race stats update.

Michael Schumacher: Weasel?

Michael Schumacher has been nominated for the ‘weaseliest sports person of the year’ award on the website of the popular newspaper cartoon Dilbert. The annual ‘Weasel of the Year’ awards single out individuals who, “operate in that vast gray area between good ethical behaviour and the sort of activities that might send you to jail.” … Continue reading Michael Schumacher: Weasel?

“Unless I’m very much mistaken: My autobiography”?? (Murray Walker, 2002)

Murray Walker must be the most famous person associated with Formula One who is not one of the drivers. Bernie Ecclestone may have all the money and power – but even he lacks the public profile of the national institution that is Murray Walker. After laying down his microphone for the final time at the … Continue reading “Unless I’m very much mistaken: My autobiography”?? (Murray Walker, 2002)

Trackside: Legge’s 165mph Champ Car crash

Last week’s Trackside considered motor sports safety in the light of Katherine Legge’s incredible escape from a 165 mph shunt at Road America in the Champ Car World Series. Related links Autotrader.co.uk – Trackside: British racer Legge is our cup of tea (external) Tags: f1 / formula one / grand prix / motor sport

Chinese Grand Prix 2006 preview

With Michael Schumacher’s retirement confirmed, all eyes turn to the nail-biting championship battle between the Ferrari driver and reigning champion Fernando Alonso. For evidence of that, look no further than this weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix, where the Shanghai International Circuit owners have devoted a grandstand each specifically to supporters of Alonso and Schumacher. Schumacher may … Continue reading Chinese Grand Prix 2006 preview

“1?? litre Grand Prix Racing 1961-65” (Mark Whitelock, 2006)

There is nothing new under the sun. Just as the FIA provoked intense debate when they imposed 2.4-litre V8 engines from 2006, so there was similar distaste over the imposition of 1.5-litre engines after the 1960 season. This new book from Mark Whitelock turns the spotlight on this “largely overlooked” period of Grand Prix history. … Continue reading “1?? litre Grand Prix Racing 1961-65” (Mark Whitelock, 2006)

“Schumacher: The Life of the New Formula 1 Champion” (Timothy Collings, 1994)

Carrying on our recent theme of Michael Schumacher book reviews, this very early book dates back to the winter of 1994 when the German had just seized his first world championship. This book makes especially interesting reading in the light of everything Schumacher has accomplished in the 12 years since his first World Drivers’ Championship. … Continue reading “Schumacher: The Life of the New Formula 1 Champion” (Timothy Collings, 1994)