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Use the comments below to share your thoughts on the race, where on the track you intend to watch from, how you’ll get to the track and more.

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2010 German Grand Prix

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  1. Hi I have plans to head for Hockenheimring this year and any information regarding traveling to circuit from Frankfurt would be greatly appreciated.


  2. I am planning on attending the German GP this year (my first F1 race). Does anybody have any suggestions about seat location? What are the advantages of getting a reserved seat vs the grassy areas (other than the obvious). How well-behaved are the fans usually during the race?


    1. Go for the sud tribune, it is a fantastic place to watch from with a large screen in front of you, all fans are well behaved and it is a fantastic atmosphere, you must camp at one of the campsites but be aware you will not get much sleep!

      1. Any info on the campsites you talk of mate? Not overly worried about sleep. Just trying to plan the whole weekend rather than wing it when we get there on the Thurday.

  3. hi jason, been to both german gp’s hock/nur…..u have to get a grandstand seat its well worth the money. i always love to sit facing the pits….ok you don’t get to watch alot of the racing, but its all the excitement on the grid i love….everything happens an hour before the race..spotting the celebrites on the grid. seeing brundle on his gridwalk. plus you always normanly get a tv screen facing you to watch all the race. its well worth the money…where ever you sit, i’m sure u will have a great time!!! enjoy…D

  4. Hello, I’ve just bought my tickets for this year GP, directly from the Hockenheimring website. I am very excited, it’s mt second GP, last year was Turkey. I’ve bought tickets in South Tribune A. Hurry up because good tickets are already sold out. I will stay in Frankfurt, and I will get to the circuit with my car, about 90 km from Frankfurt to circuit. Can’t wait to get there!
    Anyone knows if it’s anything to do around the circuit or in Hockenheim City?

  5. both ticket types have their advantages

    the grandstand allows you freedom to come and go as you please at any time of day
    while the general admission allows you to view the circuit from different vantage points !!
    the huge mercedes stadium situated on the last corner is definitely the best place to watch the race from(you can see virtually all the circuit from the top of it)but is used for corporate sponsors so seats are few and far between
    i would suggest getting a grandstand ticket for the race but definitely have a roam around during practice session.watching the cars full pelt through turns 5&6 is a great spectacle!!! i must say in my experience that the fans have always been excellent in germany ,but it will be interesting to see how many have ditched their red hats this year !!!!! i have always manged to get grandstand tickets at less than face value of “touts”outside the main ticket office near pit straight where the museum of motorsport is situated !!have a great time

  6. Thanks everybody for the responses! I think I will be purchasing my ticket from the Hockenheim website either today or tomorrow; I’m waiting to see if any of my friends would want to come…

    One last question: If I buy a grandstand ticket, will that allow me to roam around the track as a please to get a different view (specifically during Friday and Saturday)?

  7. you can only roam on friday
    quali and race are designated seating

  8. sorry my bad

    with a grandstand ticket you can access any general admission area at any time
    but if you had general admission tickets you could only use the grandstands on friday!!
    i should read the question more carefully in future

  9. Hi guys, I am planning go to German GP (my first one) and I recommend to check official Hockenheimring site, where you can find panoramic view from stands. (It helped me a lot)

    I decided for Innentribune C Middle or it can be marked as RED (218£ or 249€ per weekend), because a view looks pretty good.

    Accommodation will have in Heidelberg (aprox. 25km from circuit)

  10. Phillip from Denmark
    1st March 2010, 20:37

    Hi All,
    Just been told of this campsite 8 kms from Hockenheim for all you German GP bound guys which I must say looks a much more civilised place to stay than the sites at the track.

  11. hey guys,
    the campsite looks nice but having stayed both,close to track and 8 kms away in recent years i think the track is the place to be the atmosphere is great ,where as 8 clicks away you just sit thinking i wish i was near the track !!!
    ive taken my motorhome many times and never been dissapointed the electric hook up is provided free on the sites .one thing i would say though is be careful to look out for branches in the wooded areas around hockenheimring as my girlfriend nearly lost an eye when she walked into a branch in 2008 !!!!!

  12. Hockenheim is great for viewing areas, most of the track is visible from wherever you sit, the start finish is probaly the most restrictive!

    Acomodation is all over the place, depends what you’re after, circuit campsites areas are loud and fun and there’s plenty of hotels/b&b’s.


    Here’s 2 I have just found for campsites info


  13. Hi guys,
    Well myself and 6 mates are off to Hockemheim next month and are trying to find out about camping at the circuit.

    Idealy we wanted to book or atleast find where there is definately going to be a campsite. The closer the better. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks for any help.


  14. camping is everywhere round the circuit
    i usually stay in camping H which is just over the dual carriageway from the main entrance
    i wouldnt worry about booking as there is plenty of room and you might see something better on your way

  15. Hi
    we ended up at C9 in 2006 which is quite a way away. There are shuttle busses all over the place but they stop pretty early so if you miss the last one then its a pretty long walk. Not sure where we’ll end up this time-all the rowdies go for C3 and C4.
    As for roaming- there its a nono. You are restricted to what you booked-and no taking in of bulky stuff like coolboxes, chairs etc.
    We are in Nord A this time as Mercedes was sold out-.

  16. Will be at the track thursday morning,a couple of questions
    1 what time can we get in, I see the pits walkabout isnt until 17.00
    2 where is the nearest campsite, (not staying but want to take a dander around)
    3 can you walk the circuit after the race
    4 can you walk the old circuit
    5 staying in mannheim, what is the best way to the circuit, we have a car
    6 anyone been to the museum
    Last time I was there was 1982 when tambay won for ferrari, cant remember much about the place except it rained!
    Many thanks in advance
    the sbl on tour 2010

  17. sbl on tour here, a good time was had by all

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