The 2008 Formula 1 grid in pictures (Autosport International 2009)

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McLaren engine cover
McLaren engine cover

Another of the F1 car displays at Autosport International is the traditional grid of F1 cars.

But, as Brendan pointed out yesterday, few of them are actually 2008 models. Can you spot which ones are? See the pictures below.

Click once to preview, click again to enlarge.

More F1 pictures

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21 comments on “The 2008 Formula 1 grid in pictures (Autosport International 2009)”

  1. The Ferrari and Renault look old. Despite the paint job, I think the Renault is one of Alonso’s championship winning ones.

    Actually, the Ferrari looks like a dinosaur (in F1 terms anyway). Like F2000 – F2002 old!

    And the Toyota look as same as ever!

  2. That Ferrari looks too basic to be the one they used in 2008. Plus its rear wing looks like someone leaned on it.

  3. The McLaren also looks like a 2007 version…

    In fact, the only one that looks like a 2008 is the Force India!!

  4. You can see if a car is 2008 or not by the raised bodywork on thew left and right side of where the helmet is.

  5. I’m going to put my neck out here and say I like the look of them.

    No more stupid looking bits hanging off the body and the barge boards are much more sleek.

    I like the look of the Ferrari and the Red Bull in particular, though there’s few Ferraris I don’t like the look of.

    All race cars should have slick tyres !

  6. That Ferrari looks like the 248 car that Schumacher raced in his last season back in 2006.

    I’m guessing the Renault is actually the R25 one in which Alonso won his first title and obviously that’s his 2007 McLaren shown (car #1).

    Surprised the exhibitors would label them as 2008 models when most of the visitors going to the show would be able to tell it’s just an old car with a new paint job.(or have you sneakily kept the labels out of shot Keith? :P) ,

    1. No – all the labels referred to them using their 2008 model designations: F2008, F1.08, MP4/23 etc…

  7. StrFerrari4Ever
    9th January 2009, 22:03

    well im not the only one who spotted that fishy ferrari and renault well that toro rosso is mouth watering :P that vicious colour scheme well hopefully 09 could be a championship season for them :) hey things come true and i believe that will

  8. Greats pictures. I’m going to miss the dumbbell wings, tunnels, flutes, winglets, shark fins, and other such like add ons…

  9. I’m sure Force India, Red Bull, and STR gave 2008 models. The anvil wings make it easy to see.

    McLaren’s is tricky. The green tyres from Fuji can mislead you if you’re not careful. But the lack of a bridge wing gives it away. That’s not a 2008 model, looks like.

    1. I think you’re right Journeyer – those are the three that have the shark fin engine cover extensions.

  10. The “2008 Ferrari” is certainly a F2002, just look at the strange engine cover…
    I believe the Renault is just an early version of the R27 of the 2007 season.
    However, nice shots, although I find it kind of strange and amateurish to paint an F2002 in 2008 livery just to reach a complete lineup ;-)

  11. Heres my list of which car is which.

    Ferrari: 248 (06)
    Mclarern: MP/4:21 (06)
    BMW: F1.06 (06)
    Toyota: TF106 (06)
    Renault: R27 (07)
    Red Bull: RB4 (08)
    Toro Rosso: STR3 (08)
    Williams: FW27 (05)
    Force India: VJM 08 (08)

    So what you guys think?

    1. The Ferrari can’t be the 248F1, just look where the mirrors are…but also I have to correct myself,since the Ferrari is not a F2002, but probably a F2003GA, look:

  12. then its an 3 or 04 car.

    1. check the front wing, it’s not the same

  13. That BMW looks exactly like the car they actually introduced as their 2008 contender:

  14. I was wrong earlier–based on the front wing, the McLaren is an MP4-21 from 2006. Compare to this MP4-22 launch picture, and you can see lots of little differences (central spoon in front wing, mirrors, lower airbox on 22)

    As for the Renault, it seems like a mish-mash of parts. That front wing is so simple and straight, it has to be from the R23 (2004). Yet, the body is far more sculpted, and the side mirrors on the far outside of the sidepod place it as an R27 (2007) body. Renault never raced a front wing that primitive on the R27, they used the moustache-wing even at Monza. Maybe Renault ran out of spare R27 front wings, and somehow fitted an R23 one on?

  15. The Macca isn’t an 07 can as the front wing is mounted the wrong way. In 07 it was mounted by the middle of the 3 planes, whereas in the pics above it’smounted by the front plaine…

  16. Ferrari must be F2000 or F2001 or even the 99 car(look the engine cover, very old). No way for F2004 (look the vertical side of the rear wing it’s very small, it was extended in 03 or 04 i think in order to create more space for sponsors) McLaren is the winter test car in 05-06, it was orange if you remember. Williams is the one of 05.BMW 06. Renault is an hybrid, the rear is all new 2008 season exepct from the anvil wing, because the rear wing is curved as in Spa race, though the front wing is by 2004 season. Toyota is from 05 and RBR STR and Force India are the 08 cars.

  17. Alianora La Canta
    11th January 2009, 11:45

    No wonder Dad and I couldn’t agree on what year the Renault was if it wasn’t even all the same year. It would appear that both of us were right…

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